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What are Binary Options?

Notes: Binary options are investments based on short-term projections. For Example: The price of the currency pairs EUR/USD (Euro VS U.S. Dollar) is currently $1.36009 and based off the knowledge that you learned from Help Binary, you project that the price will fall in the next 20 minutes. You would invest in a Put (The pairs will be worth less) for an expiry in the next 15 to 20 minutes. If you are correct (9 times out of 10, I am!) you will get all of your money back plus a percentage of what was invested. If the payout was 80% and you invested $100.00, you would get your $100.00 back plus $80.00. In the unfortunate case that you are wrong in your projection, your return would be $0.00. I have a system that I will cover latter on to handle losses.

There is a lot of bad information out there implying that binary options are a scam. They are anything but. These people probably lost money because someone showed them a Get Rich Quick system that did not work. Binary Options did not scam them, the person who gave/sold them the strategy did. Place blame were blame belongs. Some of these people may have just jumped into binary options not knowing two things about the subject. In that case they are to blame as they where gambling.

What kind Of options can you trade.

Notes: A few terms that you should know before you get started with Binary Options!

-Call means that you predict that the price will be greater in the future than in the presents.

-Put means that you predict that the price will be lower in the future than in the present.

-Touch Up means that the price of the investments will touch a target price but not necessarily stay there. For example: Your target price is 1.29012 and you take the touch up investment at 1.2899 for a 10:45am expiry time. At 10:42am the price raised to 1.29035, however at 10:45am when your investment expires, it is worth less than what you opened it at. With a traditional call this would be a loser, however this was a touch up investment and the price only had to touch the target price, not stay there. The price not only touched 1.29012, it soared passed it to 1.29035 and then back down. This was a winner because the price touched the target price. You would get your investment back plus the payout.

-Touch Down is the opposite of touch up. You want the price to drop and touch the target price.

You would place a No Touch Up investment when you think the price of your investment will not touch the target price. If it does you will lose the trade. For example: You place a No touch Up for a 10:05am expiry with the entry price being 1.12011 and a target being 1.12055. With this trade you want the price to fall. If the current price touches the target price you would lose. The price can go up to 1.12054 and then back to expire at 12.040 and you will still win the trade.

-No Touch Down is the opposite of No Touch Up. You want the price to rise and not go down and touch the target price.

-A word of warning about 30 Second, 60 Second, 120 Second, 240 Second and 300 Second Trades. They are a good way to earn money fast, however without training they can be a fast way to lose money. I do not recommend trading short term investments for beginners. I personally do not trade any short term investments at all. Some people do great with them. I do not. I trade Call, Put, No Touch Up/Down and Touch Up/Down with an expire time between 10 and 30 minutes.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule One: Patience

Notes: Chad's rules for trading. These are a must if you want to succeed in trading Binary Options

Patience. You are not going to get rich over night and you are not going to make $5,000.00 your first day. If that is what you want then I suggest playing the lottery. I normally place one to four trades a day. You do not have to place 100 trades to make a living. At first place small trades if you are trading with real money. If you are using a demo account you can trade $1,000.00 at a time if you want because its fake money. My first trades were only $10.00 and I traded that for two weeks before I moved up to $50.00. Today I trade $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per investment. When you are new you will make mistakes. I would rather make a $10.00 mistake than a $1,000.00 mistake

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule Two: Never trade with more than 5% of your account balance.

Notes: Never trade with more than 5% of your investment balance. For example; if you trading account balance was $1,000.00 then you should only trade at the most $50.00. You do not want a bad day to wipe out your account. Things happen in the world that we cannot predict with a chart that can cause the markets the react in unpredictable ways. One of my friends broke rule number one and two. On his first trade he placed 25% of his account balance and lost. The next trade his place 50% of his account balance and lost. Within an hour he lost over 75% of his account balance all because the markets where not behaving predictably due to the uncertainty of an air plane being on fire. I had a bad day that day too; however my account balance did not drop by 75%. My account dropped 10% and the next day I made that money back plus some. You need to live to fight another day. Do not let a bad day put you out of business. ONLY trade with 5% of your account balance.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule Three: Never take the bonus.

Notes: Most brokers offer a bonus for making a deposit. Never take the bonus. When you take the bonus you have to meet a trade volume requirement before you can make a withdrawal. For example: You make a $1,000.00 deposit and take a 100% bonus. Your account balance is now $2,000.00. Not bad right? It is very bad. You now have a trade volume of $40,000.00, meaning that you have to place $40,000.00 worth of trades. Following my rule of trading with no more than 5% of your trading account balance, you will need to place 400 trades of $100.00 before you can make a Withdrawal. I only place one to four trades a day. At four trades a day, that would take me 5 months to reach. If you can do without a pay check in 5 months then maybe taking the bonus will be in your favor. What if you only make two trades a day? Then it would take you 10 months to make a withdrawal. What if the broker is no good? Then you are stuck with them until you meet the requirement. This is a business for me and I cannot wait 5 months or longer to withdrawal some of my profits. I have gotten trapped more than once, I am embarrassed to say, by bonuses.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule Four: There are no short cuts.

Notes: There are no short cuts. Robots do not work. Well at least I have never found one that does. I have tried many robots and they just do not work. They promise everything and deliver nothing. The only people who are getting rich are the people selling you the robot. What usually happens is the robot will do fine during the market conditions it was programmed for. Once the market turns, it starts to lose money leaving you with a loss or breaking even. They are made by smart people, who know what they are doing; however trading is not an automated business. If it was, all the banks in the world would use robots. There is nothing wrong with using signal services (I use one) but you need a human brain to determine if the signal is profitable or not. Do not waste your money. If you want to throw money away give it to me.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule Five: Only trade between 10:00am to 11:00am.

Notes: Only trade between 10:00am to 11:00am. In this hour the market is best for making money. There is a lot of volume and the market can be predictable. I only trade between ten and eleven every day. It may not sound like a long time, however its plenty of time to make good money.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule 5: Do not get emotional and Rule 6: Give what you get.

Notes 6. Do not get emotional. For some, trading can be a very emotional task. Have seen people jump for joy when they win a trade, like they have just won the power ball. That kind of emotion is ok. The dangerous kind of emotion is when you lose a trade. I have seen everything from people reduced to tears to punching their computers. Losses happen. There is no one who wins 100% of the time. When a loss happens, just breathe and move on to the next trade. If you follow my instructions you will not see many losing trades.

7. Give what you get. After you finish reading this page and start making money please donate a few dollars to this website as a way of saying thanks. Better yet donate some money to your local church or school. You can even donate your time. Show someone else how to make money with Binary Options. Remember you get back what you give multiplied.

Rules for trading Binary Options. Rule 7: Holidays

Notes Do not trade during a US holiday or during a Jewish holiday. Both US holidays and Jewish holidays greatly affect the markets. A large number of people are not trading during these holidays so, volume slows dramatically. Every week please educate yourself on upcoming holidays. Click Here for a list of Jewish Holidays. Click Here for a list of US holidays.

Rules for trading Binary Options: News Numbers and Reports

Notes Always check what news, numbers, or reports that are coming out every day. There are certain reports that can drastically affect the market in good and bad ways. Some numbers can effect an entire week of trading. I only trade when the market is predictable. Do not trade on days where there is no volume on the USD (/DX). When there is little volume the market can make unpredictable and make large swings that are not normal. The best way to stay on top of this is to use Binary Options Trading Signals". The host of the meeting will keep track of these numbers for you and will let you know when it is not a good day to trade. You can also do a web search or watch a business news station to keep on top of the numbers. Remember your goal is not to make trades, it is to make money!

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Broker Review: Boss Capital

Notes: Broker Review Boss Capital

To get your business going you will first need a broker. I recommend Boss Capital. They have a good platform and offer many different kinds of Binary Options to trade. Withdrawals are very fast and easy with Boss Capital. They are the only broker I currently have. I have used many brokers in my career. Below I have compiled a list of brokers I have done business with and my findings.

- 100+ Assets including Currencies, Indices, Commodities and Stocks
- 85% profit on short term trades
- Top of the line Trading Academy
- Free eBook, live webinars and video tutorials
- Unique trading methods - Touch/No Touch and Boundary
- 24/7 Customer Support

- None

Click Here to check out Boss Capital.

Broker Review: Cedar Finance

Notes: Broker Review Cedar Finance

To get your business going you will first need a broker.

- Fast Withdrawals
- Reliable Platform
- The Best Customer Service that I have seen
- Lots of trading options

- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

Click Here to check out Cedar Finance.

Broker Review: Redwood Options

Notes: Broker Review Redwood Options

Broker Review: Redwood Options

- Detailed market reviews and live Reuters news feed
- Professional Support Team
- Dedicated account management
- Customizable trading options
- Free educational tools
- High conversion rates

-They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

Click Here to check out Redwood Options.

Broker Review: TradeRush

Notes:Broker Review: TradeRush
Broker Review: TradeRush

- Large Deposit & redeposit Bonuses
- Unique OptionPro charting
- Custom Risk Management with Option Builder
- OneTouch weekend trading with up to 750% returns
- Lowest Lockout Periods
- Daily, Weekly and Monthly Market Updates

- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

Click Here to check out TradeRush

Broker Review: Regal Options

Notes:Broker Review: Regal Options

- Fast Withdrawals
- Reliable Platform
- Great customer service
- Lots of trading options

- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

Click Here to check out Regal Options.

Binary Options Brokers that I do NOT recommend.

Notes:Brokers that I do not recommend

RB Options
- Nice customer service
- Quick response to inquires
- Reliable platform
- Easy Withdrawals
- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

- Reliable Platform
- Easy Withdrawals
- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.

United Options
- Easy Withdrawals Bad
- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.
- Buggy Platform
- Poor Customer Service (They seem to think that a deposit with a bonus will fix any of your issues.)

- None
- Withdrawal Issues (To date I have not been able to withdrawal all of my profits.)
- They do not offer No Touch or Touch Binary Options.
- Poor Customer Service
- Platform was buggy

Review: Auto Binary Signals

Notes: Review: Auto Binary Signals

When trading you will need a good signal service, unfortunately the charts given by the brokers are not enough to make an educated trade. I have used Auto Binary Signals in the past and I found that like robots the signals only seem to be right in the market conditions that it was programmed for. If you have the knowledge and education to look at the signals and determine if the signal will produce a profitable trade, then Auto Binary Signals might work out for you.

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Review: Binary Options Trading Signals.

Notes:Review: Binary Options Trading Signals.

This is a MUST IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY trading Binary Options! If you are a beginner like I was, I would recommend Binary Options Trading Signals. Every day between 9:30am and 11:30am EST you will log into an online meeting where a trading expert watches the charts with you and helps you trade. I use this service and could not trade without it! I am a proud member to this day! You get live charts, a signal service and a professional trader with 18+ years of trading experience. He even places trades. He is better that I am! He makes trades in front of you while you are watching and you can place the same trades that he does. He keeps track of the news and has many alert systems set up so you can avoid the bad days. There is bimonthly fee, however it is worth it. To have everything set up like he does and to get the guidance of a master trader with 18 years of experience it would cost you $300.00 to $500.00 an hour. His service is worth it! In the early days he was the only reason that I had profits to withdraw.

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What to do if I lose a trade: Binary Options

Notes:What to do if I lose a trade: Binary Options

No problem you can do one of two things. You could just continue to trade and two winning trades of the same investment amount will cancel out your loss. You could do whats called a Martingale. First, what is a Martingale. A Martingale is any of a class of betting strategies that originated from and were popular in 18th century France. The simplest of these strategies was designed for a game in which the gambler wins his stake if a coin comes up heads and loses it if the coin comes up tails. The strategy had the gambler double his bet after every loss, so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit equal to the original stake. The martingale strategy has been applied to roulette as well, as the probability of hitting either red or black is close to 50%.

I will apply Martingale to Binary Options Let me give you an example involving trading using Martingale. You are in the trading room provided by Binary Options Trading Signals and the charts show all the signs of a good investment. You invest $100.00. The signals shown on the chart do not perform and you lose the trade. The chart still shows signs of a good investment. Your would then place your 2ed trade as a Martingale trade and double your investment to $200.00. This time the signals play out and you win. You will get your $200.00 back plus the payout of $160.00. This will cover your loss plus give you and $60.00 profit. If you lose again you would double your investment again to $400.00. If you follow the signals given by Binary Options Trading Signals, you will very rarely have to double your investment more than two times. I have only had to double my investment 3 times once. If the signal turns to an unfavorable after you lose a trade. Do not place another trade. Save your Martingale for the next trade.

**A word of warning about placing Martingale trades This does not work without good signals. There is a strategy floating around on the internet claiming that you can use this theory to place 60 second trades on the EUR/USD until you win and as long as you double your investment each time you will never lose. This will not work. It will wipe out your trading account. You are gambling. You are placing uneducated trades. It is as if you are trying to find your way to New York and you are just going in random directions. Yes over time and after 100 tries you might make it. I do not know about you, but my bank account cannot afford 100 trades of doubling my investment each time. The way I do it works because we have a road map to New York and if you take a wrong road the odds are in your favor that if your try again you will be back on the right path. This is because you are being guided by the map. Binary Options Trading Signals is your map.

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More Video Lessons coming soon! If you can not wait all the information needed to be a successful Binary Option Trader is located on the home page!

Help Binary Click Here to Find Out How to Trade Binary Options Without Risk
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